Galaxy Girl’s Telescope Tips and Stargazing Secrets

Discover a world of stargazing and telescopes. "Galaxy Girl" from Stargazers Club WA will share her top two tips for using telescopes when you’re just starting out. Plus, you’ll find out how to find out what’s up in the night sky from month to month and the easy things you can do to make naked-eye stargazing a great experience. This session is great for beginners.

Astrotourism WA

In a world that’s getting brighter and brighter with artificial light pollution, WA is working towards becoming darker and darker. Carol Redford from Astrotourism WA will explain what the State is aiming to achieve and how they are going about it.

A stargazing trail is being developed in WA's regions to harness pristine dark night skies for the State’s Tourism Industry. Astro-Tourism Towns, astrophotography hot spots and dark-sky observing sites will feature on a digital map that will be promoted to domestic and international visitors eager to experience stargazing, astronomy and the dark night sky environment.


Carol Redford

Carol’s passion for astronomy and stargazing was ignited during the years she owned Gingin Observatory (2007 – 2012). In 2013, she established Stargazers Club WA ( where she and her team introduce beginners of all ages to the world of astronomy, telescopes, stargazing and astrophotography. Carol is Chair of WA’s astronomy and space science community, Astronomy WA, and a member of the International Dark-Sky Association. She now combines her passion and marketing qualifications to develop an Astrotourism industry across regional Western Australia (, where the State’s dark night sky asset will be protected from artificial light pollution and shared with visitors from around the world.

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