ASTROFEST  Friday 20th September

ASTROFEST 4.30pm - 9pm

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This is the 7th Astro Rocks Fest,  the International Centre Radio Astronomy Research’s  (ICRAR’s) Curtin University and UWA Outreach and Education program will oversee.   ICRAR collaborates with Fireballs in the Sky, Scitech, Richard Tonello’s Astronomy Education Services, Carol Redford Stargazers Club WA and a number of amateur astronomers who volunteer their telescopes and knowledge for this night of nights in the Murchison Region of Western Australia.

Programme Astrofest evening


ASTROFEST  Friday 20th September 2019    4.30pm - 9pm

A night dedicated to looking up and towards the centre of our galaxy, to marvel at our celestial  neighbours and the big emu of local Aboriginal astronomy - in one of the darkest and quietest radio astronomy  regions in the world.

  • Solar Viewing
  • Take a look through large telescopes at different parts of the night sky
  • Talk with the astronomers
  • Discover more about ASKAP Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory, SKA and MWA
  • Astrofest WA Astrophotography Exhibition
  • Laser Universe and Night Sky Tours
  • Space Dome laser tour
  • Wall screen astro images
  • Rockets, Activities and Displays
  • Bring your own picnic or Food Stall available.